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Select two or more documents and merge them into a new PDF file.

PDF Viewer supports merging two or more PDF files into a new PDF file. 

How to Merge Documents

  1. Select a file in the PDF Viewer file browser by long pressing on the cover image of the PDF. This will start the multi-file selection mode.

  2. Select additional files for merging by tapping them. If you want to deselect a previously selected file, simply tap it again to remove it from the selection.

  3. Once you're done selecting files, press the merge icon in the multi-file selection bar at the bottom.

Document merging is a Pro feature and requires a valid PDF Viewer Pro subscription.

Tips and Tricks

  • The order in which files are merged (i.e. the order of pages in the newly created file) depends upon the order in which files are selected in the browser.

  • The destination folder in which the merged file is created is the folder that is open at the time of pressing the merge icon.

  • Selected files can be in the same directory, but you can also select files across multiple directories.

  • File merging works not only for local files, but also for files on SD cards, USB sticks, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Currently unsupported for merging:

  • Password-protected files

  • Image documents¬†

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