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Description of how subscription is shared between iOS and Mac devices and troubleshooting techniques.

Your PDF Viewer Pro subscription is automatically shared between the iOS and Mac app.


If your subscription isn’t unlocked on all your devices, please try the following:

  • Make sure you are signed into the same account for Media and Purchases on iOS (in the Settings app) and on Mac (in System Preferences).

  • If your subscription is not unlocked automatically, use the Restore Purchases button on the subscription purchase screen to unlock it.

Troubleshooting With the Legacy Mac App

If your are using the legacy version of PDF Viewer for Mac then your subscription is synced between iOS and Mac using iCloud instead of Media and Purchases.

Please verify in iCloud settings that iCloud sync is turned on for PDF Viewer. You need to ensure that the iCloud account which was signed in on the device at the time of the subscription purchase iOS is also signed in on the Mac where you have downloaded the PDF Viewer for Mac app trying to share the subscription and vice versa if the subscription was purchased on a Mac.

Sometimes the subscription might not show up on the other platform. This can be because of the subscription details have not yet synced to your iCloud account.
Please try restarting the app first on the platform which was used to make the purchase followed by the other platform in some time to trigger a sync

If the above doesn't work then you might have to try the following workaround:

  • Ensure that the same iCloud account is signed in on both your devices and that iCloud sync for PDF Viewer app is enabled.

  • Delete and re-download PDF Viewer on the platform where subscription was purchased, then open the subscriptions screen again to trigger a re-verification.

  • In PDF Viewer, open subscription screen and tap on the Restore Purchases button. On iOS: Tap on Settings on the top left -> Subscription -> Restore Purchases. On Mac: Open a Document -> Click on PDF Viewer on the Menu Bar -> Preferences -> Subscription -> Restore Purchases.

  • Use the app for a bit and then restart the app again to trigger a sync.

  • Reinstall the app on the other platform and check the subscription screen.

  • Ensure the subscription is working correctly.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or still have issues.

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