[Android] Where does PDF Viewer store my files?

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About the various locations where PDF Viewer can store your files.

PDF Viewer integrates deeply into the Android platform and available third-party services. It allows you to load files from various locations and also to save them back.

App-Private Files

Any file that is stored on the "main screen" of the app (for example the initial demo documents) is called an app-private file and only accessible within PDF Viewer. Here are a few facts about app-private files.

  • App-private files can't be accessed from any other app.

  • You can share app-private files by clicking the actions button next to a the file and then selecting "Share".

  • You can move app-private files to a different folder by long-pressing the file to select it (or via the file's actions menu → "Select") and then navigating to a different folder (for example the "Local Files"). Inside the target folder, click the actions button in the selection bar and select "Move items here".

Local Files

The Local files folder on the main screen of the app gives you access to your device's entire file system. You can navigate to common folder like:

  • Downloads

  • Documents

  • etc.

In order to access the file system, PDF Viewer will request the necessary file system permissions the first time you open the Local files folder.

External Files

The External files folder on the main screen will open Android's system file picker, which allows you to choose files from any otherwise inaccessible storage. Here are locations you might find inside External files:

  • Recently opened files

  • Various cloud providers (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, ...)

  • The Downloads folder

  • ...

Be aware that External files can't be added to the "Recent documents" shown on the main screen (due to Android system restrictions).

External Media

PDF Viewer supports automated detection and access to external devices like:

  • USB sticks

  • External hard-drives

  • SD cards

  • ...

PDF Viewer will automatically detect a newly added external device, and will show it on the main screen. In order to access these devices, PDF Viewer will request the necessary permissions the first time the device's folder is tapped.

Cloud Providers

PDF Viewer supports has deep integration for following cloud providers:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

In order to add your cloud provider into PDF Viewer, click on the options button on the main screen and tap "Add connection". PDF Viewer will automatically handle download and upload of your PDF files whenever necessary.

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