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by Douglas Hill

We have big news to share today: PDF Viewer will be available for Apple Vision Pro on day one!

Vision Pro is Apple’s new device for spatial computing. Digital documents have brought us a great degree of convenience and flexibility compared to paper. And with Apple Vision Pro, we can keep our documents digital while bringing them into the physical world. Get ready to experience documents in a way you never thought possible before.

An Immersive Document Viewer

PDF Viewer has a large number of tools to view, search, annotate, and edit your documents. With PDF Viewer for Apple Vision Pro, toolbars sit just outside the document window so you have an unobstructed view of your documents.

Screenshot showing a grid of thumbnail images of a magazine’s pages.

You can open multiple documents in tabs and use features like the outline and bookmarks to easily find the page you’re looking for.

Screenshot showing a double-page spread from a magazine, with a landscape photo and a document outline on top.

Directly Open and Edit Files

Just like on iPad and iPhone, PDF Viewer starts by showing the standard document browser from the Files app. Here, you can directly open and edit documents stored in providers like Box, iCloud Drive, or any other cloud storage provider that has an app for Apple Vision Pro.

Screenshot showing PDF documents in the system document browser on Apple Vision Pro.

A Massive Annotation Toolbox

You can use your eyes and hands to mark up your documents with highlights, lines, freeform drawings, and many other types of annotations.

Screenshot showing a double-page spread with an approved stamp on a dumplings recipe, some highlighted text, and the appearance properties for an arrow.

Do More with Pro

You can do so much with PDF Viewer for free. However, PDF Viewer Pro is a paid subscription that unlocks many additional advanced features in the app. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Content Editor — Edit original PDF text, including changing fonts and colors.
  • Measurement Tools — Check real-world distance, perimeter, and area in technical drawings.
  • Redaction — Securely and permanently remove sensitive, confidential, and privileged information.

PDF Viewer Pro subscriptions are shared across iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro, so if you already subscribe on another Apple device, you can use the advanced Pro features on Vision Pro too.

Download Now

You can download PDF Viewer for free on the App Store.

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