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by Robert Wijas

PDF Viewer 2.2 for iOS adds a highly requested ability to open image files. But we’ve gone one step further! You can now annotate images with the same PDF annotation tools you already know and love, and your annotations will automatically be saved back to the original image file. We’ve also improved text selection UI. Read on for all the details.


PDF Viewer 2.2 for iOS now opens images in a tab right next to your opened PDFs, so switching between a PDF document and an image is just one tap away. You can also use the familiar annotation tools to edit your images, and all changes will automatically be saved back to the original image file. We currently support PNG and JPG image files. This feature is available on iOS 11 with the new standard document browser.

Text Selection

Text selection learned some new tricks, making it even easier to select exactly the text you want. More specifically, you now have the ability to change the direction of text selection in a single fluid motion. Previously, it only was possible to select in the direction you started the selection gesture, and it required an additional gesture to change the selected text on the opposite end.

This behavior not only affects text selection, but also all of the text markup annotations (highlight, underline, squiggly, strikeout), enabling a more accurate annotation creation process.

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