PDF Viewer 1.3 for Android

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by David Schreiber-Ranner

One small bump in the version number, one giant leap for all of our users: PDF Viewer 1.3 for Android with full Dropbox support!

Dropbox Integration

We've worked hard for weeks on our first cloud provider integration. Starting now, you can link your personal Dropbox (and work Dropbox, too) into PDF Viewer, giving seamless access to all your PDFs in the cloud.

Adding the dropbox

Two-Way Synchronization

We paid special attention to get the communication between PDF Viewer and your Dropbox right. With the new integration, you can now open, view and edit PDF files that are stored in Dropbox directly inside PDF Viewer. Any changes that you make to your documents will be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox to keep it up to date – hassle-free.

Sync Indicators

A small indicator keeps you informed about the current sync-state of your documents. A system notification will tell you once all your PDF files have been synced successfully.

Sync indicators

Can’t wait to try it? Head over to the Google Play Store and download PDF Viewer for free!

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