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Written by Christoph Mantler

This article describes how to take a stackshot on your iOS device.

How to create a stackshot

  • Reproduce the issue, freeze, unresponsiveness or wait until it happens again

  • Press and release the power button and both volume buttons at the same time.

This will create the stackshot file. A few notes:

  • There is no feedback whether the stackshot was created successfully, so it’s best to press all the buttons two or three times to be sure. Each time will create another stackshot file.

  • On devices without a home button, creating a stackshot will take a screenshot as a side effect. You can delete this screenshot.

  • On devices with a home button, creating a stackshot may lock the screen as a side effect. Please unlock the device and continue.

How to send a stackshot

After creating a stackshot, you can send it to us for analysis.

  • Open Settings app → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements → Analytics Data.

  • You should find one or multiple stacks-{date}.ips entries. These can be found more easily by scrolling up to show the search box and searching for “stacks”.

  • Open the entry with the latest date.

  • Tap the share button in the top-right.

  • Select Mail.

  • Add a small explanation of what you experienced.

  • Send the email with the stackshot file to support@pspdfkit.com

Here is a video showing finding stackshot files. (Note that this is slightly outdated: You no longer need to select all text because you can use the share button instead.)

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