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by Matej Bukovinski

We’re really excited to ship PDF Viewer 1.5—our biggest update so far! We worked hard on a tighter system integration, allowing you to search for documents (and their content!) directly from Spotlight, and added a Today Widget for convenient access to your recent files and common actions. In addition, we added a file sharing server for convenient access to your files from any web browser or WebDAV client. iPhone users can now use 3D Touch to peek into files and folders and perform quick actions on them. This version also significantly ups our scripting-foo, by adding URL schemes for automation.

Version 1.5.0 released on January 11th, 2016

  • Adds Spotlight search support: Spotlight search
  • Adds 3D Touch Peek and Pop gestures to the file browser: 3D Touch
  • Adds a Today Widget with action shortcuts and recent documents: Today Widget
  • Adds WiFi Drive, a file sharing server that gives you access to your files via a web browser or WebDAV directly from macOS or Windows: WiFi Drive
  • Adds a X-Callback-URL based url scheme. See https://faq.pdfviewer.io/pdf-viewer-for-ios/how-can-i-integrate-pdf-viewer-into-my-website-or-iphoneipad-app.
  • Adds a persistent toolbar button that you can use to quickly return to your open documents.
  • Adds support for right to left user interfaces—please let us know if we got anything wrong!
  • Adds support for Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Arabic, and improves other localizations.
  • Adds haptic feedback for certain events.
  • Adds disk cache statistics and settings.
  • Adds a close all tabs option, accessible by long pressing on the tab close button.
  • Fixes importing for certain file types.
  • Improves drag & drop for the annotation toolbar.
  • Improves the website importer. It is now less likely to get partially rendered web pages.
  • Improves handling of locked files.
  • Improves settings UI with new icons representing scrolling directions.
  • Improves callout annotation resizing and auto sizing behaviors.
  • Improves the “Import in PDF Viewer” action extension UI.
  • Improves button selection across different annotation toolbar configurations by prioritizing recently picked tools on all toolbar configurations.
  • Improves PDF and image importing from certain applications (Dropbox, Messages, etc.).
  • Fixes loss of selection when the app is backgrounded.
  • Fixes an issue where incorrect search results could be displayed in some cases.
  • Fixes various smaller bugs.

If you haven’t downloaded PDF Viewer for iOS yet, you can download it on Apple’s App Store—for free!

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